You betcha – We’re all biased!!

We don’t have a choice about that.

The choice we do have is how we manage our personal biases.

In the lowest order but unfortunately most prevalent example of biases in coaching services today, we see…

Movement folk promote movement only as the priority.

Nutrition folk promote food only as the priority.

Self help folks promote the individual only as the priority.

Performance folks promote winning only as the priority.

Weight loss folks promote cals in / cals out only as the priority.

Strength folks promote the 1RM only as the priority.

Body Building folks promote lean muscle mass only as the priority.

Lifestyle folks promote behaviours only as the priority.


In the highest order example of each coaching service, the coach is fully aware of their own personal biases and is careful not to force them upon the client.

Here the coach is able put the client first; to see an idea, specialism or niche as part of a bigger picture [where more than 1 element makes up the whole], whilst being open to the fluidity of life and subsequent shift in client priorities, and therefore adjustment in intentions and actions.

This may even require referral to a coach from a particular niche outside of your lane, whilst you, coach – the architect in this setting – continues to guide and educate your client along their health and fitness pathway towards autonomy.

Today, we are bombarded with low order examples. Coaches arguing and battling for righteousness of their own biases…

“I’m right and everyone one else outside of my hashtag bubble is wrong, and I’m not open to discussion on it”.

…food for the ego, social media following and bank account – whilst losing sight of the pawn in this game; the client.

Be careful out there; biases and opinions are strong and there’s limited space for challenging conversation on them – ESPECIALLY on social media.

In time, if we’re not careful, this will limit our progress as a collective for the sake of point scoring and status of each individual ego.

Increase awareness to upgrade intentions.