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Certified Personal Trainer Course

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Gain the skills, confidence, and qualifications to kickstart your fitness career with the PFCA Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. 100% online, flexible, and internationally-recognised.




Starting your new career in fitness can feel daunting

If you don’t have the right education, qualifications and support…

❌ You struggle to gain credibility, build a reputation and attract clients

❌ You waste time and money on cheap courses that offer only tick-box certifications

❌ You stay stuck in an unfulfilling career unable to break into fitness

And that leads to frustration, self-doubt and feeling stuck. We don’t want that for you. The PFCA have helped over 500+ aspiring trainers to launch and further their careers. Our course will work for you too.


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ENROL in the course

Secure your space on the Certified Personal Trainer Course today with our simple & transparent pricing. We have a range of flexible options to make it easy to start


Certified Personal Trainer is a combination of interactive online tutor-led sessions, and on-demand theory. Giving you both everything you need and flexibility


You’ll earn your L2 & L3 qualifications and be equipped with the practical skills you need to serve your clients to the highest level


Discover what you can expect from our 10-week immersive learning experience…


Kickstart your transformative journey with “The Coach” call. This isn’t just about setting goals for this course; it’s about laying the foundation for your entire career. We will share our beliefs, values, and definitions of success to ensure complete transparency and create a clear starting point. You’ll be challenged to define your own purpose and priorities, essential for your alignment and fulfillment, and crucial for the future success of your clients and coaching business.

Week 2: goal setting for strong client foundations

Elevate your coaching practice by mastering goal setting and consultation. Unlike typical fitness programs, our PFCA system integrates these elements into the core of the coach-client relationship. You’ll learn to avoid the pitfalls of misalignment and client churn, ensuring long-lasting, impactful relationships with your clients. Start strong by diving straight into these foundational skills, setting yourself up for unparalleled success.

WEEK 3: Build essential movement coaching skills

In Week 3, shift your focus to the physical side of coaching with Movement Theory and Core Practical. You’ll gain a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, empowering you to create optimal exercise challenges tailored to your clients’ goals. Begin your journey into practical masterclasses with a focus on core movements, preparing you for more advanced coaching techniques.

WEEK 4: practical movement coaching techniques

Continue building your expertise in Call No.4 with our Movement Coaching Masterclass. Dive deep into Squat, Hinge, Push, and Pull patterns through practical examples and real-time coaching scenarios. You’ll refine your skills and become adept at delivering exceptional coaching experiences that drive client results.

WEEK 5: enhancing client outcomes with nutrition & lifestyle

Unlock the full potential of your clients with our focus on Nutrition and Lifestyle. In Call No.5, explore the ‘Nurture’ pillar of the PFCA Operating System. You’ll master nutrition prescriptions and essential lifestyle and stress management protocols. These insights are critical for enhancing client outcomes and solidifying your reputation as a comprehensive coach.

WEEK 6: fundamentals of strength program design

Transform your approach to program design with Call No.6, where we delve into strength training, or FORM in the PFCA world. Gain the principles and systems needed to create world-class programs, demystifying the most complex aspect of fitness coaching. This knowledge will set you apart in the industry, providing a strong foundation for your coaching career.

WEEK 7: programming ‘FLOW’ (conditioning)

In Call No.7, focus on the Aerobic energy pathway and elevate your understanding of conditioning. You’ll learn to prescribe conditioning programs that align with your clients’ goals, enhancing both their performance and your coaching practice. This session will distinguish you from other coaches, making you an expert in areas often overlooked.

WEEK 8: writing effective beginner fitness programs

Begin crafting real program designs in Call No.8, with a focus on beginner clients. Learn the principles and methodologies needed to set new clients up for long-term success. Through case studies and practical challenges, you’ll develop the skills to create effective, personalized fitness plans.

WEEK 9: program design for intermediate clients

Advance your program design skills in Call No.9, focusing on intermediate and advanced clients. Build on what you’ve learned and gain the confidence to create customized programs that deliver outstanding results. This call ensures you’re ready to cater to a diverse clientele with varying fitness levels.

WEEK 10: coaching business – setting you up for success

Conclude your journey with Call No.10, where you’ll master the essentials of running a successful coaching business. From marketing to finances, you’ll receive the tools and knowledge critical for your business’s sustainability and growth. This comprehensive approach ensures you’re fully prepared to launch your career and start making a difference in your clients’ lives immediately.

In short, the PFCA Combined Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer Course is designed to not only tick the boxes required to gain a PT certification, but also to empower new coaches with the relevant skills to coach with confidence, leading the way with our ground-breaking, industry-leading syllabus.

HOW WE’ll support you


Our Level 3 Personal Training Course provides the MOST live tuition of any in the market. You’ll have access to over 30 hours of direct interaction with our experienced tutors to ensure your success.


Through our state-of-the-art convenient app you’re only ever one tap away from course materials, recordings and the ability to get your questions answered


Throughout your course, you’ll have direct access to your course tutors in order to get the clarity, support and guidance you need not only to qualify, but to succeed in your new career.

Certified Personal Trainer EducatorS

Jenz Robinson

Over the past 15 years, Jenz has successfully scaled multiple fitness businesses.

Jenz and Ollie have successfully grown the industry-leading fitness education company, The PFCA as well as the innovative Gym Owners Network – A business mentorship program for Gym Owners across the globe looking to perfect their product, develop high performing teams and have wildly successful gyms.

Jenz’s proven interpersonal skills simplify complexity, making coaching and training fulfilling. His commitment to ongoing education is reflected in his white-belt mentality, contributing to the PFCA’s leading position in applied function fitness training today.

Craig Massey

Craig transitioned from an engineering career to the fitness industry through the early UK CrossFit scene in the mid-to-late 2000s. After envisioning a new path, he took a leap of faith, establishing three gyms and a coaching practice.

With a decade in the OPEX system as both a student and license holder, Craig emphasises education, viewing everyone as perpetual learners.

Believing in the responsibility that comes with knowledge, he is now part of the PFCA, grateful for the opportunity to contribute and support those following in his footsteps.

Earn An Internationally Recognised Qualification

The word “accredited” gets thrown around alot in the Fitness industry, but it doesn’t always mean what you think it means.

From 2-day online “becoming a nutrition coach” courses, to Groupon discounted pseudo-qualifications – it’s the wild west out there.

In contrast, the PFCA Course & Qualification isn’t just another certificate; it’s an immersive and transformative learning experience, combining both (REPS) Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualifications. It is your gateway to a thriving career in the fitness industry, accredited by CIMSPA, recognised by gyms worldwide and by all major insurers.

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from our Certified Personal Trainer graduates…

“What sets the PFCA apart is the investigation of the client and your own coaching philosophy. The best. Definitely what all courses should aim for.

Kiara – Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer Graduate

The course has completely changed my career. It gave me the confidence to go out and actually have the credentials to teach quality movement. It’s that next level coaching with attention to detail. I highly recommend it.”

Kate – Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer Graduate

The average personal training course is designed to teach the minimum basic requirements for qualification. The PFCA PT Diploma doesn’t just tick the boxes. It goes far beyond the minimum Personal Training learning requirements to transform your practical skills and knowledge, giving you the confidence to coach, lead and have a positive impact on others.

You won’t just save time either. When you follow our advice closely, you also set yourself up for faster and longer lasting results than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.


Our next intake starts Monday 7th October 2024don’t miss out!

  • 10-weeks of live & interactive education calls
  • Flexible online learning platform for completion of theory elements
  • Access to PFCA Community App
  • Accredited L2 Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Accredited L3 Personal Training Qualification



x 6 Months

Get started in your new career today with our most accessible payment plan.

  • 10-weeks of live & interactive education calls
  • Flexible online learning platform for completion of theory elements
  • Access to PFCA Community App
  • Accredited L2 Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Accredited L3 Personal Training Qualification



x 3 Months

Spread your enrolment across three, interest-free monthly payments.

  • 10-weeks of live & interactive education calls
  • Flexible online learning platform for completion of theory elements
  • Access to PFCA Community App
  • Accredited L2 Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Accredited L3 Personal Training Qualification



One Payment

Save more with a single upfront payment and no further financial commitments.


I know THIS PT course is online, but what support will I have during the course?

While the PFCA L3 PT course is fully online, you will have extensive support throughout the duration of the course to ensure you succeed. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Community App Access: You will be part of a dedicated community app where you can ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage with fellow students. This app fosters a collaborative learning environment, allowing you to connect with peers for support and motivation.
  • Course Tutor Access: You will have direct access to experienced course tutors who can provide guidance, answer questions, and offer support with your online coursework. They are available to help you navigate any challenges and ensure you understand the material.
  • Live Sessions: Mandatory Monday evening sessions are held to facilitate live interaction and learning. These sessions provide an opportunity to engage directly with tutors and classmates, enhancing your understanding of the course material.
  • Structured Deadlines: The course includes set deadlines to help you stay on track. You will have a clear timeline for completing assignments and assessments, with a total of 12 weeks from the course start date to meet these deadlines.

This combination of resources ensures that even though the course is online, you are never alone in your learning journey.

This sounds great! But how much time do I need to allow?

Our 10-week program is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule while providing the comprehensive training you need to be successful. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Weekly Zoom Lectures: Every Monday evening from 1830-2130hrs BST you’ll have access to live, interactive and engaging session packed with practical teaching and hands on experience so you can apply what you learn in real-time.
  • Online Learning Platform: Outside of your Monday sessions, you’ll complete L2 & L3 theory using our user-friendly learning platform so you can study and learn at your own pace and convenience, don’t worry – our course tutor will guide you through this.
  • Total Study Time: We recommend dedicating 4-5 hours per week to study and complete assignments

This structure ensures you receive the perfect balance of live instruction and flexible online learning, providing you with the best of both worlds.

How much does the L3 Personal Training Course cost?

We understand that investing in your education is a significant decision, and we’re here to make it as accessible as possible. The Level 3 Personal Training Course starts at just £2499, with flexible payment options to suit your needs:

  • Interest-Free Payments: Spread the cost with 3 x interest-free monthly payments of £833 allowing for payments that allow you to invest in your future without financial strain.
  • 6-Month Payment Plan: Alternatively, choose a 6-month payment plan at £449 per month giving you an extended payment period to fit your budget, making it easier to achieve your career goals.

By investing in our course, you are not just paying for a certification; you are investing in a comprehensive, industry-leading program that equips you with the skills and confidence to build a successful and profitable career in fitness. Many of our graduates see a return on their investment within months of completing the course, as they secure fulfilling roles and start earning a professional income.

Remember, this is not just an expense—it’s a strategic investment in a career that aligns with your passion and offers long-term financial stability and job fulfillment. Take the first step towards your new career with a payment plan that works for you.

Does the PFCA CPT course really include both L2 & L3 PT qualifications?

Yes! The PFCA L3 PT Course includes both Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications at no extra cost, providing a comprehensive and convenient pathway for you to become a fully qualified personal trainer.

What requirements are there for me to qualify AS A PERSONAL TRAINER?

You’ll need to successfully complete your theory work before the deadlines (set at the beginning of the course and a total of 12 weeks is given to meet these) and attend a minimum of 8/10 Monday evening education sessions.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the CPT Level 3 Personal Training Course?

You need to be over 16 years old and have a good grasp of English. No specific qualifications are required.

What qualifications will I receive ONCE I’VE COMPLETED THE CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Course?

You’ll receive a Level 3 Personal Training Certification. It is verified by Transcend Awards, an industry leading awarding organisation. In addition the course is CIMSPA recognised and the PFCA is a CIMSPA accredited training centre. Completion of the course also guarantees access to professional insurance.


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