Premier Education for Ambitious Coaches’ Career Growth

Get qualified, grow your business, deepen your knowledge and become wildly confident in your coaching practice. The PFCA is the ONLY education provider that has created a structured and progressive career pathway for the driven and ambitious coach.


Whether you’re at the start of your coaching journey, or already on the road to professional coaching, our pathways provide the skills, support and motivation you need to upgrade to the next level.


The Certified Personal Trainer Course by The PFCA is the most comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring personal trainers with essential skills and knowledge.

Where other providers are just a “tick in the box” type course, The CPT is a professional qualification you can be proud of.


Grow is an innovative course designed to help Personal Trainers Start, Manage and Grow their fitness business from 0-£5000/m

This course gives you the systems requires to get clients, enhance their experience and help you run a professional business.


The Functional Fitness Coaching Certification provides the most applicable education for coaches looking to deepen their understanding in human optimisation, program design and ultimately their coaching practice.

The FFC course is the course qualified PTs do when they are looking to turn PRO


FFC 2 is the progression from FFC 1 – Upon comprehensive foundations built in FFC 1 – level 2 provides a deeper level of expertise that make you stand out from the crowd and unlock true coaching excellence.

From getting people out of pain, reaching their full potential and competing in Fitness Comps/Races – FFC 2 is the true mark of coaching excellence.