If you’re a coach for the right reasons, then the sense of purpose and meaning you’ll feel from the connections sparked in your professional relationships is magic, no matter your place or role in the game.

It’s not an ego thing – It’s not “My clients are thriving therefore I’m a f*&king rock star coach” – It’s a genuine appreciation that whoever you’re lucky enough to work with are learning, growing and starting to figure things out for themselves.

It’s not about us.

The coach is the tool used by the client from which to learn and be guided towards autonomy; towards being able to take care of their own actions and outcomes over time; towards freedom in fitness.

It’s ALL about the client and their process.

As coaches we should be grateful that we get a window seat; a seat from which to witness the many elements that make up the process fall into place…

To watch the client continue to learn more about themselves.

To watch the client make mistakes, but need us less over time to help refine and redirect.

To watch the client become more aware. To grasp an understanding of the behaviours and actions required to enable them to thrive – to upgrade intentions.

To watch the client problem solve through physical exploration and play.

I could go on…

This coaching thing is a client thing – Don’t get it twisted.

Without the client we’re just fitness nerds with textbooks, research papers, and f*&king Instgram.


If you’re a coach and you struggle grasping this, perhaps you need to do some more work on your-SELF before you can truly help others?

“Learn more about you to make it all about them”.

Master your-SELF in order to upgrade your usefulness to others, and overtime upgrade your broader contribution to the game.

Ultimately, the role of coach should hold utility – We should create value and be of service.

If your ego can’t handle the window seat, you’re probably in the wrong game.

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