Craig Massey

Craigs entry into the industry was via the early UK CF scene in the mid to late 00’s. At this point, still an engineer by trade, Craig managed to visualise what a career shift and subsequent starting point in the vocation that really always had his heart and mind would look like.

A leap of faith, many years, 3 gyms and one bespoke coaching practice later, here he stands today. Underpinned by 10 years within the OPEX system as both long term student and then OPEX license holder, Craigs values and beliefs are very much education-centric – whether coach or client, we’re all here to learn, and we’ll all never know it all.

Craig believes that with knowledge comes great responsibility; the responsibility to do something worthy with it. Today, grateful to be a part of the PFCA, I am provided with an opportunity to do just that – to contribute – to aim to be of use to those coming after me.