Do you have evidence for that?

There’s a current thirst in fitness for certainty and logic; evidence and absolutes. Why do we think this is, and what is the price?

Is it through fear of the unknown?

Is it driven by ego – where knowledge or absolutes are deemed as power in the wrong hands – “I know something you don’t know”?

Perhaps it’s a desire for control to diminish uncertainty – avoiding vulnerability at all costs?

Is it a focus on ‘things’; where the material aspect or ‘object’ carries more weight or value than the subjective or ‘feel’ – extrinsic motivation over intrinsic?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I believe that a basic set of principles established in line with your values and beliefs, in order to guide your actions, are extremely important and efficient in influencing how we act in the world.

However, being overly nuanced and rigid with rules and restrictions will only serve to reduce space for creativity, intuition and true expression; therefore, missing an opportunity to fully understand, refine and evolve over time.

There’s a reason games have rules – to limit chaos, foster meaning and connection, and enable pathways forwards towards a goal [fulfilment]. But within those rules we must appreciate the infinite array of variables and possibilities; possibility to express ourselves with freedom and without fear of putting a foot wrong.

Stifling possibility through excessive control, certainty and restriction removes the human aspect of the process – to feel! Therefore, I believe that the optimum set of principles [or rules] gift us the ultimate sense of freedom.

We’re all playing for our own reasons; don’t forget yours, and don’t get lost or caught up in unnecessary rules, agendas or absolutes beyond the generally agreed principles of the broader game.

Forward not straight – for you, not them.

Intuition > Evidence.