Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

When it comes to priorities, actions speak louder than words – Behaviours dictate priorities.

As part of our consultation practice we’ll teach you to ask the client to walk you through their day in great detail.

Whilst this is a solid awareness piece for the client, it is also a powerful insight for the coach into what the client values and prioritises – no judgement, just observation.

Sometimes it can sting a little if there’s a misalignment between the client’s thoughts and actions…

Client: “I’d place ‘health’ in my top 3 priorities.”

Coach: “Great, talk me through your average week day from waking in the morning onwards.”

Client: “Sure, …”

*Client lays out their day*

Coach: “Can you see how you only managed 5 hours sleep, you don’t have time for lunch, you’ve not eaten any fruit or vegetables, and hardly moved from a seated position all day?”

Client: “Yes.”

Coach: “Would you say all of those things are conducive to the long term health you listed as a current priority?”

Client: “No, it’s not good really is it?”

Coach: “Don’t worry, that’s what you’re here for; but we can see through your behaviours that whilst health might be a goal for you – which is great – it is not currently a priority.”

Client: *ooff

Client awareness increased.

Client intentions upgraded.

Line in sand drawn.

In this example behaviour change for the client is required before health can be placed on their list of priorities.

This starts with awareness, followed by an element of knowledge taught by the coach, and then action is required – consistent action – which will help the client fully understand and master their upgraded behaviour, and therefore cement their new priority and rituals around it.

Blind —> Aware —> Know —> Embody —> Understand —> Transcend.

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