Extra Revenue Streams for Personal Trainers


In the world of personal training, adapting and diversifying your revenue streams may be desirable for supporting your finances. In this article, we’ll explore some different ways Personal Trainers can support their income using their skills from personal training.

Online Training

Personal Trainers can offer customised online training programs. Leveraging platforms such as Zoom or specialised fitness apps can help connect with clients worldwide. Providing flexible schedules and personalised workout routines will not only broaden your personal training client base but also further develop your revenue streams.

Ebooks & Guides

As a Personal Trainer, you can position yourself as an authority in the fitness industry by creating ebooks and comprehensive guides. Sharing your expertise on topics ranging from nutrition tips to effective workout routines can help increase your visibility as a personal trainer whilst also helping you make money. These digital resources can be sold online, generating passive income while establishing yourself as a go to source for fitness knowledge.

Affiliate Marketing

You can make some extra money as a personal trainer by collaborating with reputable fitness brands and incorporating affiliate marketing into your strategy. By recommending products that you actually use, you can earn a commission for every sale generated through your affiliate link. 

One thing you must be careful of though is that you remain authentic; lots of fitness ‘influencers’ make money through inauthentic affiliate marketing, promoting products that they don’t actually love or even use. In order to ensure long term success using affiliate marketing, you should always work with brands that you actually know, trust and use.

Online Webinars

Organising live workshops and webinars to educate people and discuss trending fitness topics can be another revenue stream for personal trainers. You can charge a fee for participants to access your insights and ask questions. This not only generates immediate revenue but it can also enhance your online presence as a personal trainer.

Template Workout Programmes

Whilst many people hiring a personal trainer or online personal trainer will want a personalised experience, some may wish to just be given a general template or workout programme to follow. Personal Trainers can therefore create generic workout programmes that anyone can purchase and follow depending on their goals. Selling pre-written programmes can be a good passive income for personal trainers, as long as you ensure that your customers know and understand that they are not paying for a personalised programme!

Teaching Group Classes

Coaching small group or large group fitness classes can be an excellent way for personal trainers to open up a new revenue stream. You can rent a space or studio in a gym, market your own class and sell group classes as package deals for those wanting to partake. Alternatively, you can get a job teaching group classes on a freelance basis at a gym which runs their own classes; this may be an easier option for those with less marketing experience.


This article has presented some ways for Personal Trainers to increase their revenue stream.  Many of these methods are great for also increasing your visibility and reputation as a personal trainer. If you fancy a career change to personal training, then be sure to check out our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. If you’re a personal trainer and you want to improve your knowledge of building your business, then be sure to check out our PT business accelerator course, Grow.