If Coaching is an Art Form

In Art, over concentration on any one point is a distortion.

I’m pretty sure the client couldn’t care less what their infrasternal angle is, or what degree of external rotation is present at their right hip?!

They likely want to feel good, look good naked, move pain free, challenge themselves, play, learn new stuff, feel alive in the morning, live long and prosper, and have some fun along the way. Right?!

Now, as coaches we understand that ‘the detail’ that sits beneath the surface will likely be the key to unlocking their larger goals, and for me, therein lies the art form – the art of communication…

Coaches should be able to keep one eye on the big picture and one eye on the micro components of the process, AND have the communication skills to join the dots in a language that the client can relate to.

Patterns —> Parts —> Patterns

If you’re not capable of this as a coach, and you’re getting stuck in the parts, then I’d suggest you’re overreaching in your practice. The outcome: disillusionment in fitness for your client.

We must care more about the client’s outcome than we do about how smart we’d like to appear. In which case we should drop the tricky jargon and unnecessary detail. After all, who are we trying to impress?

Coaches; continue to refine your comms. Keep it simple, and remember what we’re here for – to serve the client.

It shouldn’t appear complicated.

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