It’s Complex…

We need the science, BUT, the infinite number of potential physiological, psychological and environmental variables that can influence the outcome means that science forms only part of the story.

“In practice, the way in which training leads to adaptation turns out to differ greatly from individual to individual, and even from time to time within a single individual.” Frans Bosch

What he means – there’s a shit load going on: Not only is it different from one person to the next, but it’s often different in the same person at different times!! 🤯

This makes it near impossible to scientifically test and therefore prove everything, never mind everything in every scenario.

With this in mind, as a coach, getting stuck in rigid, dogmatic, absolutist or reductionist thought will hinder the outcome for the client.


Well, there are elements at play which cannot be ignored; dynamic, constantly shifting elements which create a playing field continually subject to change. Therefore, science alone is not enough – it’s too rigid – the ‘art of coaching’ is required.

Of course, the coach should continue to upgrade education in the science which forms the basis of our understanding. However, to help manage the ever changing variables, we must also refine our craft.

’Art’ does not mean guess work – refinement here takes time and focus on paying attention, being open minded, flexible yet critical in thought, curious – the softer skills – ultimately refining our connecting, relating and communicating.

Coaching is more than a text book or a list of letters after a name. It requires work on both sides of the coin – in the books AND in the trenches.

Working hard in both lanes whilst looking through an individualised lens, gives us the best shot at providing a balanced and well considered service which helps guide your clients towards their own personal definitions of success.

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