It’s funny how life works isn’t it?

We agonise over the perfect plan, the ifs buts and maybes. We worry about problems we create in our own mind, and even take steps to avoid them, despite them rarely becoming reality – ‘thinking’ without awareness being our biggest problem as a collective.

We strive, so hard that we become rigid and blinkered in our actions, then wonder why we wind up lost and unfulfilled after boxing ourselves in. All in the name of what? Cultural norms? Tradition? Status? Perhaps this is a right of passage? As in, “in the seeing of who you are not, the reality of who you are emerges by itself”?

“Life will provide us with whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”

If this thought jars you [like it did me in the past] towards immediate disagreement and criticisms of ‘spiritual fluff’, then it would suggest you need to lean into this brain stretch more than most.

The more control we attempt to maintain, the greater the struggle becomes.


Because this is the ego attempting to shape our world; continually confronting reality rather than seeing, acknowledging, accepting, and flowing with it – The ongoing push and pull between having vs being.

The antidote? Connectedness.

How? Openness, acceptance, agility, curiosity, courage, authenticity, empathy, willingness?

But what do these virtues achieve in relation to connection?

Opportunity, ironically, over and above that driven by pure ambition.

Ambition and force with low awareness is like driving a Ferrari without a steering wheel.

Meanwhile, those virtues + effort + awareness = purpose and liberty.

Said another way… connection to the world through embodiment of our essence is the route to fulfilment and freedom…

“You are not a coach, you are a person who connects and relates.” The world is your oyster.

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