Just Eat Real Food

Idealistic? Of course.

Reductionist? No – the opposite – a higher order simplicity found only in mastery – specifically mastery of nourishment.

We get frightened around ideals – naturally, they’re usually beacons positioned out of reach which generally result in failure to attain.

But, do we need ideals to direct our efforts at? From which to rank order our values and priorities in the process?


Is to value real food over processed food a worthy goal for us and our clients, which brings an essence of order and direction to our thoughts and actions around nourishment – with it, increasing awareness and therefore upgrading intentions?

Most definitely.

Like most things, there’s a sweet spot [pardon the pun], but armed with this principle and solid intentions around health and fitness, you’ll likely upgrade the outcome – your client’s choices and understanding of their ideal food profile.

The challenge, fighting the tide with this message in the nutrition world, where complexity breeds dependency, and phrases like ‘evidence based’ scare the bejesus out of anyone daring to table an alternative.

Want some evidence on this one? How about 1m years worth of evolution?