Our Vision…

Together [as a collective, including you] we re-establish the status and respect that the fitness coach deserves in society.

PFCA coaches and gyms become beacons of health and fitness communion and education within their communities – the place to go and be for meaningful challenge and positive adaptation.

The PFCA coach writes their own story and plays it out through consistent iterative action; moving forwards, not straight – just like their clients – with ever increasing elegance as their value and voice become clearer and more efficient over time.

The PFCA stands for coaching excellence.

Excellence supported by the fundamental PFCA beliefs and principles, and fuelled by the individuality of each unique coach, alongside the freedom to express themselves – freedom realised over time through their ongoing education and experience in pursuit of mastery of their craft.

The PFCA is not merely a selection of abstract coaching courses, it is a society, within society… It is the pathway for your fitness coaching career… It is the only place creating structure, governing quality and managing expectations in an industry filled with chaos… It is the only place elevating the coach.

How does our vision align with yours?

In 2024 there will be more coaches coming into and through our system than ever before – more coaches standing out from the crowd – more coaches raising the standard.

Don’t get left behind.