It’s become a tick box exercise – a ‘driving test’ – where once complete, the real learning starts on the job.

Of course there’s truth in that; there’s no better education than experience; after all it’s the ‘action’ phase of learning which allows us to truly understand.

However, that doesn’t mean that PTL3 is redundant and should be delivered as a throwaway initiation as it is today by most education providers.

Take a look at these quotes…

“…someone that makes you feel safe to be vulnerable, to not feel silly to make mistakes, feel protected from the outside noise so you can focus on the process.”

“Empower clients to feel in control of their own destiny – that the power to change is in their hands.”

“I am mega grateful to have found a group of people who have similar mission/values/mindset as me – more than just a PT course of powerpoint & theory”

Are these the values/thoughts/intentions of a group of new coaches who don’t deserve the best education from the start?

F*ck no!!

These are the thoughts of incredible people, who, if the industry had its way would have this fire put out before they even start. Why? Because many of those delivering PTL3 have lost sight of their role in the industry.

PTL3 providers have an opportunity like no other; to harness this passion and direct it – to guide it forward towards coaching mastery over time – not trample all over it and drag it into mediocrity.

The industry are quick to blame poor intentions of coaches for its demise, and we’re here to tell you that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lazy incompetent education providers are the fault. They have no vision – they can’t see the potential in those who pass through their system because they don’t pay attention.

We see it. Clearly. It’s why our founder and head of education deliver it… and with the passion with which we do.

We see in each new coach the same thing we feel in ourselves – the potential and hunger to do good, to change lives, to change the game – and we’ll do everything in our power to facilitate that for them.

PFCA Coaches are raising the standard, and they’re doing so from PTL3 onwards.

If you want the very best education for your PTL3, then be sure to check out the PFCA Level 3 Personal Trainer Course.