The Apprenticeship is dead… or is it?

The apprenticeship in the fitness industry does not exist for one reason: It’s perceived that there’s no time for it in the minds of those starting out as coaches.

I’ve literally heard this said at the highest level of fitness education.

Whilst we can’t be surprised about this in todays fast track world, it’s madness to think that these thoughts dictate the structure in our industry… despite the apprenticeship being a critical part of any professional career.

The apprenticeship is future mastery in development. I could stop here, but you know me; I enjoy a story; so grab a brew… or scroll on.

There’s no bright lights or razzmatazz in the apprenticeship. Perhaps this is why it’s rubbished today, whilst most strive for admiration, fame and fortune, no matter how shallow and short lived?

As it happens, the lack of main character expectation in the apprenticeship is its real super power.

The apprenticeship is a shelter from critique from the masses. It limits what you see to what you need in your own personal process, which in turn limits the crippling comparison most coaches suffer with.

It fosters patience and respect for the career pathway, alongside management of expectations as a new coach – allowing development of your craft without feeling like you need to prove a point or impress anyone.

It’s time behind the scenes for the mind, character, and therefore practice to develop through consistent challenge and exploration.

Transformation is the definition of success here, not money or status.

The aims [in order to transform] are to increase awareness, gather knowledge, and practice… a lot. That’s it! Imagine that?

Being able to focus without stressing about earning 10k/month or amassing 100k followers on IG in your first year. Dream!

This happens under the guidance of someone more experienced and competent; someone ready and willing to contribute back to the game for the betterment of the whole.

So, whilst the official apprenticeship doesn’t exist in our industry, we’re working hard to facilitate everything that makes it up for the PFCA coach.

If you’re looking for the best start in the fitness career, there’s room under our wing.

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