The Coaching Career Pathway

Knowing where you currently stand on the coaching career pathway is one of the most useful points of reference for the coach.

Being able to see the bigger picture creates awareness and understanding around roughly what you should know, and also give you [scary/exciting] visibility of what’s still to come.

It relieves the pressure to have it all figured out NOW – safe in the knowledge that you have many years to come in this career, and that even then, you’ll still be searching for better, more refined answers.

It manages your expectations around definitions of success, and therefore your intentions – defining success for a junior coach in their apprenticeship should look a lot different to the definition of success for the master. One step at a time coach.

It gives you an idea of time. 20+ years before you start to get a sense of mastery – 20+ years of consistent challenge, exploration, learning, refinement, growth, life experience and adaptation – Enjoy the ride, this is a career – treat it as such!

Currently, our industry doesn’t help you with any of this. In fact, it does the opposite.

Through FFC and our L3 PT Course we’re aiming to change that – by providing reality, structure, progression and of course the education and support required to be a pro coach, we aim to set you up for a fulfilling lifetime career in fitness.