The Game has Changed…

For a long time the health and fitness industry has focussed its value and attention on reductionist outcomes like body composition, misaligned performance metrics, and more recently health markers from ever progressing wearable tech.

Isolated outcomes require specifically biased inputs – Honing in on one thing reduces perspective and awareness of the bigger picture, which is risky in the pursuit of holistic health and fitness for your clients.

The result: Approaches that are short lived, unsustainable and unconscious in nature – bio-hacks, severe nourishment interventions and unnecessarily complex exercise practices – all to the long term detriment of the generalist.

The Gym is a tool we use for the greater good beyond it. Whilst this might seem like a counterintuitive thought for the fitness coach, it may well be the golden nugget that connects what you do best within the gym [provide physical challenge for your clients], to what matters to them most outside of it.

The higher order result of this thought shift:

📈 Upgraded meaning in the process for the client…

📈 Leading to deeper connection in the coach-client relationship…

📈 Leading to increased client adherence and eventually better outcomes for them…

📈 Leading to retention and referral rates that you could only previously dream of…

📈 Leading to less of your time and concern focussed on where your next clients are going to come from, and more time and focus on better serving your current clients for the long term.

♻️ Iterate for a truly standout coaching offering.

Conversely, if you continue to facilitate the fitness industry’s game of ‘chase the outcome’ with your clients, they’ll forever miss the deeper meaning – the challenge, experience and opportunity of the process… with you.

This shift all begins by increasing your awareness of you and your practice, coach – what YOU believe, value and define as success, as opposed to thoughtlessly adopting and delivering industry norms.

With clarity here, you’re all set to not only attract the clients who align with your beliefs, but also connect to them and their values once they arrive – being the coach and guide they were looking for, rather than a standard gym-bod delivering the same shite as everyone else.

It’s why modules 1 & 2 of FFC Level 1 focus on this – we believe it’s critical to your success as a coach [and therefore your coaching business] in guiding your clients to the successes they seek.

Don’t get lost in the four walls of the gym with every other average trainer – theres more to health and fitness than reps, sets and a stop watch – better is a choice, and if you truly believe that, perhaps your next choice should be FFC Level 1.