The Humble Coach

Within FFC, we refer to a non negotiable prerequisite of the coach being a willingness to learn.

That’s humility.

Humility to accept that we don’t [and never will] know it all. That through our learning experiences we are willing to let go of that which no longer serves us – that which perhaps we’ve previously identified with, or that which our egos previously enjoyed.

Too often today, we see ‘learning’ as the shallowest of acts; where information is consumed with little thought, with the main intention of regurgitating said info quickly for attention and the perception of value – to bolster an [false] identity and to inflate the ego – this leads to a closed mindset owned by a coach who ‘knows it all’.

That is NOT learning, and that is not humility.

We believe that with knowledge comes great responsibility – responsibility to sit with and consider that which you’ve consumed, before summoning the courage to embody it – to bring it life through your own actions – probably not getting it quite right initially, but reflecting and increasing awareness in order to upgrade intentions, actions, and therefore understanding and contribution over time.

That IS learning.

THEN, might be a good time to share your thoughts with the world – thoughts that are now more fully formed and considered – even if they’re still not quite right, at least they’re backed by reasoning, and are therefore of use to the broader conversation.

Be humble, coach – the future of our industry is riding on it.