Three Ways to Show Gym Members You Care


Whilst knowledge may be what many people seek in a coach, they also care about how you demonstrate that you also care, and whether you pay attention to them as a member. The personal trainer & gym owner to client & member relationship is at its core a human relationship, and the best outcomes (a long term relationship) will only come if you as a gym owner or personal trainer show your members that you care: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

This article will present three simple ways to show your members that they are your priority.

Show Up Early

Arriving 5 minutes before class might seem like a minor thing, but it can have a large impact. The time won’t just allow you to prepare yourself physically and mentally, but also chat with members and get to know them better. Here are some of the impacts that showing up early may have:

Help Build Better Relationships

The time before class is likely the only opportunity you’ll get to chat casually with your members. By checking in with every individual you can start to build a relationship which is more than the typical PT/Gym Owner – Client/Member dynamic. Ask them if they have any concerns about the workout, how their day has been, or how they’ve found previous workouts. This time is key for making your members feel valued and part of the team. 

An Opportunity to Assess the Room

Getting to a class early will give you an opportunity to assess the mood and energy in the room. You can get an idea of who looks tired and might need extra motivation or attention from you during the session. From this you can change your approach on an individual level and give everyone the right amount of attention that they need. 

You can Set the Tone for the Class

Your readiness and preparedness will set a professional tone for the class by showing your members or clients that you also respect their time. It also shows that you’re organised, which may help members feel more settled.

Have a Plan

Your preparedness is especially key in coaching, for both individuals and for small group training. Your members will easily be able to see if you are underprepared, which may reduce their trust in yourself and in the programme itself. Here are some of the ways in which you can show your members that you care by having a plan:

Show Clarity, Intensity & Focus

Start every session with a clear and focused brief. Explain what they’ll be doing in the workout, what the goals of the workout are, and what the outcomes will be/what your members should aim to achieve. You want to align your clients’ expectations and make sure they have a complete understanding of what they’re going to do and achieve. Your clients will trust that you are leading them through a well designed programme which considers their goals. 

Effective Warm Ups

You should always have an effective and specific warm up planned, to prepare your members for the workout ahead of them. This’ll reduce their risk of injury whilst also showing that you have thought about each aspect of the session.

Use Your Members’ Names

One of the simplest things you can do as a gym owner or personal trainer is to use your members’ names. This’ll ensure that your members feel known and acknowledged. Here are some of the ways in which you can use this simple strategy to show your members that you care:

Recognise & Interact

If you’ve met your members before, make a point to show that you recognise them, whether it is when you greet them, give them a cue, or give some encouragement. Aiming to say each member’s name three times throughout a session is a good goal.

Give Personal Positive Reinforcement

Praising effort and acknowledging improvement is one of the best situations to address members by their name. Why? Because it is in a positive context. This reinforces your relationship with your members, and increases their engagement with both the session and yourself as the coach.


This article has presented some of the ways in which you can show your members and clients that you really care about them. These methods are just some of the things that we go above and beyond to talk about in our level 3 personal trainer course. Showing your members that you care isn’t just about being friendly. It actually takes practical and consistent actions which accumulate over time to really help your members’ experience. Consistency with these approaches shows authenticity, professionalism and general care.