Time Audit

Your time audit results can be analysed to arrange your time in a more efficient way. This, in turn, gives you more free time to work on what actually matters to you and your business.

Step 1: Create a detailed audit for one full week. Write down what you are doing as you are doing it so nothing gets left behind. For example;


6:00am: Wake up, check social media, decide when to get up.

6:15: Finally get up, have a shower and clean teeth

6:30 Get dressed, take supplements and pack bag

6:40: Drive to work

7:00: Coach & check IG a few times

11:00: Have a coffee, take a shit and procrastinate about training.

13:00: Have lunch and reply to emails. Put off programming until tomorrow.

Step 2: Delete ALL the activities of  ‘Everyday Living’ such as having a shower, eating.

Step 3: Highlight high valuable tasks from the week, such as replying to emails, coaching.

Step 4: Underline tasks/behaviours that are not self-serving

Step 5: Which non-serving tasks could be removed/reduced and why would it benefit you?

Step 6: Which high value tasks bring you the greatest fulfilment?

Step 7: Plan your next week taking the above into consideration.