Trained vs Drained

This mindset highlights a core training value that has served us for many years. It is certainly one of the biggest reasons PCFA have been able to grow so many varying fitness businesses with such great success and retention rates.

A scarcity mindset forces coaches to play all their cards at once and somewhat overcompensate for the lack of confidence in their ability to get the results the client is after.

An abundance mindset leads coaches to act in accordance with confidence and trusting their ability to get the job done. Trusting that their skills will bring them the success they need for their business and their respective clients.

How does all this mindset stuff affect the trained vs drained principle?

Stop trying to be the hardest, toughest or coolest coach. Your success lies in the results you get for clients and how much they want to tell their friends and family about you, not in the few followers you may get on Instagram.

You should aim to be the best part of your clients’ day! They should leave feeling challenged, uplifted, a sense of accomplishment, motivated for more and excited to come back. They should feel energised and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

The opposite would be if they’re leaving feeling deflated, defeated, broken, abused, lacking in confidence, demotivated, injured, unable to play with their kids, unable to focus at work or live life at their highest ability.