What does “Without Limits” mean to you?

It means opportunity to me.

It speaks to the possibility of removing all limits, even limits we perceive as necessary today.

What if I suggested a goal is a limit? Then, with the idea of removing limits in order to create opportunity, what if we superseded goals with a higher order inspiration?

In my mind [which I know is more right brained than left in this setting] a goal can tether potential – It can narrow our focus towards a specific action and outcome.

What if we replaced goals with ‘direction’? A direction being an open road rather than a fixed destination?

The open road – littered with opportunities if we’re open and aware enough to sense them – has points we stop at along the way of course; but points for reflection and calibration – refinement – rather than destinations in and of themselves.

Values would be the calibration tools of such direction, where we’d align the journey with who we are and what matters to us most, over what we have or what we’d like to posses.

Limit [noun]; The greatest amount, number, or level of something that is either possible or allowed.


WITHOUT limits: Untether control, reimagine what is possible, and pursue that which we are truly capable.

Limitless mind, limitless body. Remove the shackles, seek alignment, attract opportunity. Better is a choice.