Personal Training FAQs


Perhaps you’re looking for a personal trainer to help with your fitness journey. For many people, this can be quite daunting if they’ve never hired a personal trainer before. This article looks to answer some of your questions that you may have about personal trainers, how they can help you, and how you can start on the right foot with the best personal trainer for you!

What is the role of Personal Trainers?

The role of personal trainers is to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals, through a sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise. Personal Trainers design and delivery personalised training programmes to their clients as well as provide instruction and work individually or in a group setting to support clients in all areas from weight loss and sports performance to health condition management and weight gain.

How often should I train with a Personal Trainer?

Frequency of training with a personal trainer absolutely depends on your goals and your financial means. The most important thing is the frequency and consistency of your training, regardless of whether it is with a PT or not. However,  if you can fit in 1-3 personal training sessions per week, this may be the best for you to achieve optimal progress and reap the accountability benefits of having a personal trainer. 

How can I find the right Personal Trainer for me?

When looking for the right personal trainer for you, you should look for trainers who align with your fitness goals and have positive reviews. If you have a very specific goal in mind, it may be worth looking for personal trainers with specific qualifications. For example, if you want to get significantly stronger, then you may want to look for personal trainers with a level 4 S&C qualification; or if you want to incorporate functional training into your training, look for a PT with an FFC Qualification. At the very least, your personal trainer should have taken and passed a CIMSPA approved Level 3 Personal Trainer Course.

How should I prepare for my first Personal Training Session?

You should prepare for your first session by simply setting a date and confirming location. You may only need to turn up, however it may be worth checking if your Personal Trainer needs you to bring anything. We always recommend that you turn up in appropriate clothing for training, with a drink to stay hydrated throughout the session.

Can I hire a Personal Trainer if I have a medical condition?

Yes, but always ensure that you let your trainer know about your condition before beginning training with them. Alternatively, you can also look for personal trainers who have worked with people or who specialise in clients with the same condition as yourself.

Can a Personal Trainer guarantee results?

Whilst no personal trainer can guarantee specific results, a competent personal trainer will provide realistic expectations, track progress, and adjust plans to optimise results as you train with them. 

Should I continue training with a personal trainer after reaching my initial goals?

It is completely up to you, also depending on your initial reasoning for hiring a personal trainer. Some clients may value ongoing guidance for maintaining and continuing results, whilst others prefer to transition into self-directed work. Some people may wish to continue with their personal trainers just to keep them motivated and accountable with their training.